Rubik’s Cube champ reveals the secrets of his world-class speed – CNET

To most people, the Rubik’s Cube appears like a straightforward toy. However they start looking to slip those squares into place then, and their brains speculate the actual Cube have to them that made them want to injure it so much.
Teenager Collin Burns doesn’t see the Rubik’s Cube that way. He’s been flipping squares since he was a little kid, and he’s become so good at solving the Rubik’s Cube that he broke the world record for a single solve back in April at the World Cube Association competition. His astonishing time of 5.253 seconds beat the previous record by just under one-third of a second.
You might think solving a Cube that fast requires a brain that can also do calculations faster than a calculator or remember at least 3 million digits of pi. However, you don’t need a Ph.D. in quantum mechanics to figure out how to solve it, according to a new video from Vox.
Burns explains in the video below the technique he learned to solve the Cube. It’s called the Fridrich Method and named for Binghamton University engineering professor Jessica Fridrich, who developed it while she was a college student.
The method involves recognizing or organizing one set of the colored squares in a cross style that establishes that aspect as underneath layer. Then Burns solves the Cube in parts above that layer so that just the very best row is unsolved. Then is applicable one of a variety of algorithms to the rest of the pieces to place all of those other Cube’s colors set up. Fridrich has her own “Acceleration Cubing” website that explains her method in greater detail.
The true key to Burns’ success with the Rubik’s Cube isn’t some secret or hormone shots that provide his fingertips the dexterity of your cheetah (if cheetahs acquired fingers). The main element is practice. He’s dedicated an enormous chunk of his young life to learning the way the Cube works as well as how to rapidly remember and apply the techniques he’s discovered so he could improve his solve time over time.
If you can figure out how to wait and devote yourself for another 10 years roughly, you might be in a position to conquer his record and make your name in the record literature.

Some Girls Are Better Than Others – Can Men And Women Ever Be Friends?

It’s this old controversy and the one that never appears to fizzle out – can women and men ever before be friends? Is it feasible that men can get on with women in a purely platonic manner? Well, believe it or not, prior to the 19th century this question wouldn’t have even raised it’s head and the answer to it would have been a firm “no”. But now, things aren’t quite so cut and dried.

Many years ago, men and women would never have been friends. They would have met, fallen in love and married and that was it. They were unequal in every other way. It was only as more women started to leave the realm of the house to go out to work, joining men in offices, that things started to get more interesting.

Research seems to suggest that these days men and women can be friends, but only up to a point. Men think that they could be able to can get on better with girls rather than members of their own sex, but, notions of romance (and let’s face it) sex should never be definately not their minds.

An interesting review was completed in america – some analysts requested a main band of eighty eight women and men, most of whom were friends, to be a part of an exclusive question and answer period regarding their “friendships”. This is to check whether men were honestly being genuine about whether they really could be friends with females or not. The women and men were asked the same group of questions regarding their friendships and informed not to speak with one another at about the analysis or any part than it. Afterwards, the full total results were collated and the results surprising.

It seemed there is an authentic difference between your sexes and exactly how men seen getting on with women, and vice versa. Generally, the men who have been in friendships with women accepted that these were drawn to them, whilst on the contrary aspect more women said these were NOT drawn to their male friends. The men also assumed that their emotions of lust or interest would be reciprocated, too and were pretty much oblivious to the actual fact that they could not be returned. However, for women, the contrary was true – they firmly believed that if indeed they weren’t drawn to their male friend, the same would be true of these, that they might feel a similar.

In an additional review that was carried out by the same team, another two hundred and fifty strong group of married couples were asked about the potential difficulties of reverse sex friendships. Most of the women who were interviewed experienced that opposite love-making friendships could be totally platonic, but the men who were interviewed were on average significantly more likely to admit that passionate feelings were part of the equation, stating that in some way, they were attracted to all the female friends they had, Most men experienced unable to split “friendship” and “romance” as two different variables!

So it seems that on the surface men can get on much easier with women, but, deep down, they may be always heading to be sizing them up as a potential future romance, or to be a person that they could prefer to sleep with at some true point too. If all men thought like women, then your response to the question will be a definite “yes”. But scratch the top and it looks like there is another thing bubbling underneath, a far more complicated desire to carefully turn the camaraderie into something more…

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