A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Health as defined by the entire world Health business is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and interpersonal well- being of the person and not merely the absence of the disease or infirmity. Health refers to all those methods that are hygienic and make one feel that he or he is free from disease or sickness. A feeling of being fit is a state of healthful living, as many say.
Human body is a perfect creation by God. Our body works many physiological functions, that too, system wise e.g. gastro-intestinal system actively works functions like ingestion, digestion, metabolism, absorption, etc, our respiratory system helps in motivation and expiration � breathing and likewise. Its our responsibility to preserve, protect our body from any thing or any condition that deteriorates health maintain hygienic practices like cleanliness, sanitation, etc to protect one’s body from disease.
It is also said that the presence of pathogenic organisms is a state of being unhealthy; a disease/illness state. One must have great concern and awareness of personal as a whole. Healthy diet, healthy practices all can contribute greatly to sound health of an individual. Good nutrition, rest and sleep in adequate proportions, balance between one’s work and environment as well as surrounding are all the essentials of the fit

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