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As one of the news stations with high ratings and a broad audience, CNN is constantly on the bring reports coverage that is exact and up thus far. The news route has had the opportunity to deliver studies that bring forth conversations. CNN has not only stirred feelings within our homes but in the world stage for over 30 years also.
How exactly does CNN stay at the very top? The network has interactive demonstrates provides an comprehensive analysis at the existing issues affecting the planet. It strives to increase its reach with technical breakthroughs also. Among such advancements are the CNN iReport made to enhance citizen journalism and blogging within its brand. Creating a live loading broadcast which is open to satellite and cable connection subscribers in addition has put CNN in the nice literature among its audiences. CNN even gained the Technology and Executive Emmy because of its DNG system in 2008 Awards.
CNN Reports live provides reports coverage on all the latest reports around the world. You can expect the latest information split into seven categories to add China, US, Africa, Americas, European countries, Middle Asia and East. The categories allows easier navigation and in order to get more information on a national country, you just select its name and you’ll find the highlights of the very best stories, a deeper look in the major stories, travel, money and technology updates that are specific to the region. There are also interesting video clips
There is currently a debate on the limits of multicultural tolerance. it is that time of the year again when the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival held in Yulin kick starts the global debate on animal welfare and the question, is it really bad to eat dog?
On money matters, US declared to increase duties on some of China’s steel products and this has elicited an angry reaction from Beijing. To get more on this story visit CNN Money International.
There is news on new Intel that ISIS targets US NATO Bases in South Korea through a report by Paula Hancocks, a CNN correspondent. On other news, the FBI released transcripts of the 911 call made by the Orlando Pulse night club shooter, Omar Mateen. He is seen to pledge his allegiance to ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. To get more of this growing story, go to view CNN USA live and get right up to rate with also the three telephone calls between problems negotiators and the gunman.
South Sudan regulators have seized a huge haul of 1 1.2metric tonnes of ivory at the Juba International Airport. Illegal ivory poaching is an epidemic that Africa as a whole has been struggling with. The wild elephant could be extinct at the current rate of killings taking place as activists warn the numbers elephants die are at an alarming rate.
There are also video clips on how female leadership is changing Africa and also Steve Chikosi, a photographer in Harare, Zimbabwe who sends a message with his images.
Clashes between teachers, residents and state police turned violent in Oaxaca. This has resulted into 6 people losing their lives and has left many seriously injured. The teachers across Mexico have been protesting against the national education reforms.
Middle East
The top story here is how many from Iraq have been driven away from their homes due to unending conflicts. It also looks at what interventions humanitarian agencies such as the UNHCR have put in place. We’re running a tech blog with the latest information on technology and cell phones models. we’re offering CNN News live and all news channels live streaming for free through Zahipedia.

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