Evony Secrets – Tips and Strategies

I have written for your knowledge and enjoyment, over 90 pages of tips, tricks and strategies that may help you succeed in the overall game Evony. After months of playing, recording, testing, and conquering I’ve put together a few of the most in-depth secrets to Evony. Learn the overall game fast, build your cities faster, become one of the strongest players on your server.
I’m James Ruben, and I really like playing Evony
I have already been quite a while online gamer. I came across Evony lots of months ago and I have already been playing since it is at beta. I soon found great tips and strategies that I would like to give out. For anybody enthusiastic about a great game guide, visit Evony Secrets today and find out more.
I wanted to talk about a few great tips that I’ve learned while playing Evony. The following advice are to save you time in the growth of your game while playing. Taken from my Evony Secrets guide.
66. Join a good alliance quickly. You will not need to be in the same region as your alliance. You may accept the newbie package which contains a city teleporter. This will help you to teleport to the same state as your alliance. Down the road you’ll get another package called the “Lords” package which can be found when you reach Town Hall level 4. The Lords package will contain yet another city teleporter.
73. Once you advance your rank/title you utilize in the medals. You will have to obtain new medals to advance again. Similarly you do not want to consume medals on heroes when you can avoid it.
69. Once you are in the “my items” link underneath your player photo. Then go directly to the “chest” tab and choose the newbie gift idea and “apply” it to open it.
75. Beacon Towers help when you scout! Both your informatics as well as your beacon tower have to be equal to the amount of the flat you are scouting. If you are scouting a city it requires to be add up to the amount of the walls of the town.
71. The amount of your walls influences the number of your defenses (archery towers) as well as your garrisoned archers also shoot further. The amount of your walls also influences just how many defensive structures you could have on the wall and just how many structures you can queue up to develop. For example an even 9 wall can have 14,692 ATs. An even 10 wall can have 18,166 ATs. The assumption is the wall bonus is comparable to an archery bonus. The assumption is you get a 5% bonus per degree of wall like everyone else get a 5% bonus to your range predicated on your archery level. I’m uncertain if this holds true or not but if someone can verify the numbers I’d want to really know what they are.
56. Comforting makes it possible for you to improve your loyalty, increase your population, etc. Comforting can be quite important in early stages in the overall game. You can only just do one comforting at the same time. Comforting also offers a 15 minute timer. Every quarter-hour the timer is reset and you will do comforting again.
77. Scouts can fight too. They will be the worst attacking unit in the overall game nevertheless they are also the fastest. You should use an overwhelming amount of scouts to fight and you will move them faster to allow them to be very helpful troops when fighting not merely scouting.
For anybody enthusiastic about a great game guide, visit Evony Secrets today and find out more.
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