Life As We Knew It Book by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life EVEN AS WE Realized It by Susan Beth Pfeffer is the first e book within the last Survivors series. The series is recognized as the Moon Crash trilogy also. The written books are an apocalyptic science fiction series for adults, though men and women is often as enthralled by them just.

The written e book is at a journal style format compiled by Miranda, the average teenage girl surviving in Howell, PA. In the very beginning of the entire account Miranda discusses normal things taking place with her family, institution, and her friends. Things don�t stay normal for long, though.

Everyone in her town is abuzz with the news headlines a meteor will strike the moon. Little have anyone believe that the collision would change their lives permanently.

Of striking the moon and creating a fresh crater instead, the meteor tilts the moon off its axis and knocks it closer in orbit to the planet earth.

The noticeable change in the moon cause a string of bad reactions on the planet earth. Massive waves commence pummeling the coasts worldwide. Entire locations become submerged underwater. Thousands of people perish from the flooding.

An enormous lightning surprise knocks out the incurred ability forcing everyone in Miranda�s institution to cower in the hallway. Then the earthquakes and volcano eruptions increase as a result of better pull of gravity from the moon dramatically. The volcanic ash enters the atmosphere creating the sky to be blocking and gray out the sun.

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