Printable Trivia Questions and Answers – Harry Potter – The Chamber of Secrets

After an extended hang on the much expected sixth e book in the Harry Potter series is finally developing on film. In July of 2009 the 1 / 2 Bloodstream Prince can make its display debut.
It seems in the past that the next e book in the theatres were strike by the series. It had been released in 2002 actually. How much do you really remember about the next movie/book? Is it possible to keep in mind who was simply the homely house elf? Or that which was the real name of Hogwart�s background tutor? Try these relevant questions to see how much one does remember.

Almost Headless Nick the Gryffindor House ghost is terribly annoyed because he has been denied entry into a certain ghost membership. What club could it be? A: The Headless Hunt. Based on the club guidelines he cannot sign up for because he’s not completely headless. He’d struggle to play mind mind or polo juggling.
Exactly what does Lucius Malfoy give Dobby which frees him unintentionally? A: Harry�s sock. A homely house elf is freed when a get good at offers them clothes. Harry stunts Lucuis into tossing one of is own dobby and socks catches it.
When Harry is fighting with each other the monster in the chamber of secrets, Fawkes brings him the educational university sorting head wear. Exactly what does Harry grab of the sorting hat? A: A sword. It had been Godric Gryffindor�s sword.
For years folks have been looking for the access to the trick chamber that is covered anywhere in Hogwarts university. Where is the access to the chamber of secrets? A: It really is in the toilet that is haunted by moaning Myrtle.
The type of animal does indeed Albus Dumbledor keep for a dog or cat? A: A phoenix. It really is a magical parrot named Fawkes.
The type of monster was at the chamber of secrets? They are really �blessed from a hen�s egg, hatched beneath a toad�? A: A basilisk. They are really feared by spiders and also have a dangerous stare.
On Christmas day Hedwig flies into Harry�s room with a surprise from the Dursleys. The facts? A: A toothpick. In addition they add a word requesting if Harry can stay at the educational university for summer months getaway.
Who is the one professor at Hogwarts who’s a ghost? A: Teacher Binns. He teaches record.
Inside the wizarding world the email is supplied by owls. Harry�s owl is a snowy owl known as Hedwig. What’s the real name of the Weasley family owl? A: Errol. He’s very old and has trouble along with his landings.
Hermione, Ron and Harry are asked by Headless Nick to wait his 500th fatality day party Practically. That is a party of the entire day which he died. What day of the entire time does indeed this happen? October 31st a:. Rather than going to the Halloween feast the three go directly to the dungeons to celebrate with Nick and his ghost friends.
Hagrid has a genuine amount of different dogs throughout the Harry Potter series. Essentially the most normal of most his animals is his large cowardly dog. What’s his dog�s name? A: Fang. Hagrid asks Ron and Harry to manage his duff while he is away in Azkaban.
What is the real name of Ron Weasley�s favorite quidditch team? A: The Chudley Cannons. Their colors are dark-colored and orange.
Harry Potter takes on seeker for the Gryffindor house team. Who’s the seeker for the Slytherin team? A: Draco Malfoy. The positioning is acquired by him because his daddy will buy new brooms for your team.
Ron, Teacher and harry Lockhart all type in the chamber of secrets alongside one another. While they are simply in the pipes Lockhart will try to wipe-out Harry�s and Ron memory. What’s the magic word that he uses? A: Obliviate. Alas for the teacher he uses Ron�s wand which is destroyed and the spell misfires.
Hermione, Harry and ron all drink polyjuice potion. Harry and Ron become Crabbe and Goyle. Who is Hermione supposed to change into? A: Millicent Bulstrode. The plan was for Hermione to change into Millicent but by mistake Hermione uses a cat locks in the potion.
Harry and Ron both get detentions for arriving at Hogwarts in the flying car. Harry has to spend detention with Professor Lockhart helping him with his fan mail. What does Ron have to do? A: Ron has to help Filch polish the trophies in the trophy case without using magic.
None of the students are killed by the monster in the chamber of secrets but rather they may be petrified. Hermione is protected by the mirror, Mrs. Norris was guarded by water. What held Colin Creevey safe? A: He saw the monster through his camera. The gaze of the monster melted the insides of the camera and film.
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